Merger Announcement

Merger Announcement

This month we are delighted to announce we merged with a well-established Hobart IT company called Hypertronics IT. They are the major IT company behind most of Tasmania’s medical centres and had a similar ethos of client first mentality. This exciting merge will guarantee our clients a local cloud solution with a stronger and more secure platform in a time of rising cyber threats.

We now have a team of almost 20 people working to make sure that when things go wrong, we can act on it very quickly. This means more technicians, greater diversity of skills, and a better ability for us to maintain our clients with great people.

Our commitment to Security is stronger than ever and we have constantly updated our systems and processes to make sure that our clients data is as secure as we can possibly make it. We are on top of the many security issues that have plagued many Tasmanian businesses recently and have taken a great deal of care to make sure that we can offer super secure services to all of our customers, so if you have any concerns please feel free to contact us and we can discuss making your data on the cloud safe and secure here in our local datacentre.

Techquity has a long and proud history as a Tasmanian IT company and has consistently grown through the recommendations of their customers. This new development will truly provide a superior service that exceeds its mainland competitors and will continue to secure the future of Tasmanian businesses with another giant step forward.