Hardware Sales

At Techquity we believe that each client we support represents a unique business model and as such we will only provide the solution that best suits your needs.

Part of this is getting the right equipment and should be seen as the first step in developing a solid and lasting network.  Whether your company is a smaller two device operation or you have a larger company with multiple branches, without the correct solution you are unlikely to get the performance or the stability out of your system that you require.

We specialise in the technologies most suitable for small to medium businesses and as such have a depth of experience working with the software and hardware systems that will meet your needs.

Techquity will work with you in selecting the right equipment and provide you with a quotation outlining the equipment to be supplied, installed and configured.  Once the decision to go ahead with the quotation has been made, Techquity will be able to act quickly and procure the items in a simple and cost effective manner.  Through our network of suppliers, we provide a range of brand name and generic systems – equipment such as:

– servers, desktops, laptops, monitors, modems, switches, wireless routers, cabinets, firewalls, printers, scanners and uninterruptible power supplies.